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ultimate norway road trip

Steinsdalsfossen is a waterfall that is visible from the road. But who wants to spend eight hours sardined in a baking-hot car? We chose the rental car option. We did all of the Norway in a Nutshell on one day (but had a delay because of issues with the ferry) and the drive to Geiranger on the second day. Days 1-4 (3 nights): Sonoma County; Days 4-7 (3 nights): San … By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Where to eat, what to see, and where to stay on a perfect Route 66 road trip. Read More: Hiking Trolltunga: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Experience. If you haven't already picked up a car at the airport, there are a few rental car companies in Bergen city centre - including an Avis just five minutes from KODE. This is the perfect place to refuel after a long road trip through the Norwegian countryside. Earth Trekkers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Geiranger is small, with just a few options for dinner. You can also stay in Kinsarvik or Eidfjord. From here, on a clear day, you can see all of the way out to the Atlantic Ocean. However, trail closures would not be as common in July. Usually it is Hertz, Avis, or Budget, but by now, we have used every major company that there is. This is a four star hotel located in downtown Oslo within walking distance of the train station and the Oslo Opera House. Driving from Auckland to Wellington should take around eight hours. That is now closed. Thank you very much! 4 Do “Norway in a Nutshell” on our own at Flam Cheers, Julie. After completion of the hike, drive back to your hotel. Inspiration. Norway Road Trip Itinerary: An Epic Self Drive Adventure John 10/12/2016 02/02/2020 You could spend a lifetime exploring Norway. You just have to keep your fingers crossed that the road is open to Kjeragbolten. However, since you are farther north, you will do less driving on day 6 when you go to Flåm. I currently planned 4 full days in Lofoten and 3 full days in Longyearbyen. Plus, each of the 27 guest rooms is named after a famous figure who once stayed there, and if the room is unoccupied, it's open for public viewing. This route was dubbed one of the top 10 train journeys in the world by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, and Lonely Planet named it the most beautiful train journey in the world in 2014. If you do not plan on hiking, some roads on this Norway itinerary can be closed from November through May. Are you ready for the best road trip of your entire life? From 1904 to 1907, the city was painstakingly rebuilt in the Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) style, which was considered very contemporary at the time. 13 Flight to Oslo, Overnight at Oslo December 5, 2015. This hike can take 8 to 10 hours to complete. Northern Spain road trip - The ultimate 10 day driving itinerary, Ultimate Croatia road trip - Drive from Dubrovnik to Zagreb, The 14 best Christmas markets in Europe to visit this winter, 14 amazing places to see the autumn leaves in Europe, Photo by Flåmsbrygga Hotel & Ægir BrewPub. When you reach Hellesylt, park your car and have a stroll along the waterfront and along the bridge that crosses over the waterfall. For a cosy and casual pub feel, grab a table at Pingvinen, where they serve up Norwegian specialties like lamb and moose with a side of roast potatoes. Walk through Bryggen, the historic old town, and you'll get a feel for what life was life back in the day. Rise and shine! Gamle Strynefjellsveg. It’s much better to take your time, get off the beaten track and explore the North Island’s glorious scenery and hidden treasures over a weekend or longer. If you're having issues using the site, please enable JavaScript and refresh your browser. This classic brunch spot serves up all the brunch foods you can think of - from eggs Benedict and smoked salmon on toast to shrimp salad sandwiches and freshly baked muffins. You can click the check marks to hide or show layers. The Ultimate 50 State Road Trip Our dream started in 2009. I will describe for you the best rental companies, traffic rules, toll roads and other useful tips and tricks! The Ultimate Norway Road Trip. 10:30 – stalheim road (10 mins) For the fjord part of your trip (southern Norway) you are doing exactly what we did, going on a road trip. You can also rent and get a basic idea of to expect on In my opinion, three full days in Longyearbyen is a great idea. Quiet villages, hiking trails and spectacular scenery await. You can drive directly to Pulpit Rock from Stavanger with the recent opening of a new tunnel. Hello Jessica. This two week road trip brings you to the most beautiful fjords, charming towns, incredible landscapes, and iconic hikes. For example, if hiking Kjeragbolten is the #1 thing you want to do in Norway, you could add an extra day to Stavanger just in case. Kjeragbolten is located two hours away from Stavanger (140 km) and there are two ways to get there: a bus service that only runs during the peak summer months, or by rental car. For starters, it's been a major tourist destination since 1891, when the distinctive Hotel Union first opened its doors. I was wondering if I could drive from flam to geiranger on the next day, but that would also be a lot of driving and you wouldn’t have much time to enjoy the attractions on the way. When we rent a car, Tim prices out the major companies and picks the company with the cheapest price. 10 Iconic Campers For The Ultimate Road Trip. Are you planning a trip to the Norway? Another option is to take out the fjord cruise. Several years ago, the hike started as a 1 km strenuous walk up an old funicular track. Cheers, Julie. Thanks for your incredible blogs. Sites to see on the drive between Balestrand and Geiranger include: As you approach Geiranger there are various viewpoints to see: In the afternoon, you will arrive in Geiranger, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a fjord known for being one of the most spectacular in Norway. Where We Stayed in Balestrand: We stayed in the Balestrand Hotel, a nothing fancy, family-run hotel. It’s a crazy thing to do but one of our favorite traveling memories, for sure! Adult tickets cost 120 NOK (around £11) and grant you access to all four buildings for two days. After lunch, walk around the historic Ålesund harbour and discover some of the city's quirkier attractions - like the historic Trankokeriet antiques shop and Ingrids Glassverksted glassblowing studio, where you can watch the artists at work and purchase some of their funky designs. Is there another way I could do this, or how did you do it? The only problem is the weather. The cost of this trip depends on a lot of factors (time of year you visit, budget vs midrange vs luxury hotels, how often you dine in restaurants). Puffins or not, it's absolutely worth taking a day trip here from Alesund to get up close and personal with Norwegian nature. Hannah and Laurence road trip around Norway visiting all the famous outdoor attractions including Trolltunga and Preikestolen. But you need to get here very early in the day. LazyTrips is a trading name of Strategy Desk Ltd. Beginning Monday, December 7, 2020, Yosemite National Park will be open for day use only from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This bar-slash-record store is an oasis for music lovers, with an impressive collection of old and new vinyls and a low-key pub where you can sit and enjoy the tunes. This zig-zagging 55-kilometre-long route winds around mountains and rivers, through tunnels and along fjords, past lush valleys, rocky mountains and cascading waterfalls. It is nice, sailing through the fjords, but you will also see the fjords from overlooks and sail across several fjords by car ferry. By joining our email list, you give LazyTrips permission to use your email for sending you newsletters, emails and updates including for marketing purposes. A trip to Bergen would be incomplete without visiting Fisketorget - the famous local fish market that's been in operation since the 13th century. Our European road trip planner features 24 spectacular routes that take in everything from epic natural wonders to must-see landmarks. The hike to Kjeragbolten is 12 km round trip, taking hikers between 5 and 7 hours to complete the hike. Your blog is really great and I am thankful that you are doing such a great effort to share your experience and put out all this great information! Were somebody to complete it in its entirety, it would take 214.56 driving hours (around nine days) and would clock up 13,389 miles on the odometer. We did this same Norway itinerary in early August. Treat yourself to a creamy hot chocolate before heading to the back of the shop to pick up a rental bike (we recommend calling in advance of your trip and reserving a bike ahead of time). Trollstigen and the Aurlandsvegen Snow Road make it onto this list. This unbelievably scenic 20-kilometre route travels between the villages of Flåm and Myrdal at a jaw-dropping height of 863 metres above sea level, treating passengers to sensational views of the Norwegian countryside. And after dinner, guests are invited into the Sun Lounge to hear ghost stories about the hotel's past. If you're in the market for some clothes, bypass the big shopping malls in favour of Fretex, Alesund's top thrift store, where you'll find everything from clothes and accessories to ornaments, vases and kitchenware. More info: Disclosure. Picture a vibrant city of color and light on a glassy fjord, surrounded with dark Nordic mountains reaching for the sky. Top tip: Order a classic Norwegian cinnamon bun - you won't regret it! It's the perfect place to take in the stunning scenery without having to withstand the elements! This popular stretch of road is part of a bigger route called Rallarvegen, aka the old navvies' road, which was built in the early 1900s to give navvies access to the Bergen Railway during its construction. Trollstigen Visitor Centre is also home to a superb cafe with reasonably priced coffee and food. This hike can take 8 to 10 hours to complete. There is plenty of time in the day to explore Geirangerfjord before moving on again. After the first major climb, whether you did on foot or by car, you are treated to amazing views. We have put together the ultimate Norway itinerary so you can see it all. It's about 2.5 to 3 hours away from Geiranger. We had a little over a week to do the trip, so Michaela and I chose two of the routes (arguably the most jaw dropping ones! amzn_assoc_title = ""; It is possible to take a bus or a ferry to Bergen, but this takes five hours and you need that time today to tour Bergen. BY Caitlin Schneider. You should arrive in Geiranger around 2pm or 3pm. Ultimate Norway Itinerary: 2 Weeks Road Trip Along the Best Fjords. The ultimate road trip – Norway edition. Cheers, Julie, Julie: 3 Hike the Pulpit Rock Eight hours of driving with minimal planned stops. The good thing about doing this in the summer (the best time for this itinerary) is that it does not get dark until 10 pm. You can follow our guide on how to do Norway in a Nutshell on your own. Bon appetit! Another option is to drive there and then embark on a boat trip around the island once you arrive. If you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below! Midway through the journey, the train stops at Fjoskossen, a magnificent gushing waterfall. Strong, delicious (and relatively cheap) coffee is paired with warm waffles, freshly baked cakes and sandwiches, if you're after something a little heartier. It is only recommended that you hike Pulpit Rock from November through March with a guide. For the remainder of the year, the trails will be covered with snow. Kjeragbolten:  The best time to hike Kjeragbolten is from June 1 through September 30. Bliss! Twenty minutes east of Eidfjord is Vøringsfossen, a stunning waterfall that you can hike to. Your ultimate goal is the brand new, incredibly visually striking Trollstigen Centre at the top of the road. Not sure where to start with your road trip tour of Norway? 12 Lofoten amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Option 3, the Sky Ladder, is a tour that has visitors cycling and then climbing a Via Ferrata, finishing the journey not far from Trolltunga. For more road trip ideas, see our entire collection of Norway self-drive itineraries. Continue south on route 63 about 45 minutes until you reach Gudbrandsjuvet, a small scenic gorge cut through by the clear blue Valldøla River. Do one by itself, or join up a few if you have some extra time and want to create an even more epic European road trip. Drive to Gudvangen, stop at Bergen & Stalheim Hotel ” Olav Mjelva's Norwegian Road Trip - The Norwegian American. If you have any questions about this Norway itinerary, let us know in the comment section below. These two towns are north of Trolltunga, so you will have a longer drive to get to the trailhead for Trolltunga. From there, you'll start a steep ascent, winding this way and that around the Norwegian countryside. So personally I am not aware of any scenic drives to get to Oslo. We ate at ND Sorensen’s Dampskibsexpedition Pub. I wonder if 3 days too long for Longyearbyen and if I should plan 2 days in Longyearbyen and add 1 day to Lofoten or other places? Then lock up your car, check into your hotel and have a quick rest before setting out to explore the picturesque town of Geiranger. There you have it, the Ultimate South Africa road trip with 21 days of adventure, amazing sights, and non-stop excitement. Hiking Trolltunga: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Experience, 14 Best Hikes in Norway to Add to Your Bucket List, Discover Northern Norway in 25 Amazing Photos, Complete Guide to Climbing Svolvaergeita in the Lofoten Islands, Norway Bucket List: 20 Epic Things to do in Norway, Svalbard Travel Guide: Plan Your Perfect Visit, Top Ten Things to do in the Lofoten Islands, Kayaking Adventfjord and Hiking Hiorthfjellet: A One Day Adventure in Svalbard, 10 Days in Iceland: 4 Amazing Itineraries, 14 Best Hikes in Norway to Put on Your Bucket List. Although not the longest hike in this Norway itinerary, we found it to be the most difficult. It left such an impression on me. Cheers, Julie. During the early Middle Ages, Bergen was an important seaport and a member of the Hanseatic League - the political and economic power consisting of 192 countries that ruled over Northern Europe for 400 years. In August, rainfall chances increase. This is another scenic drive and just before arriving in Åndalsnes you will drive the Trollstigen (Troll’s Ladder), a switchback road that is one of the most popular drives in Norway. , see our entire collection of Norway 's spectacular fjords on this Norway itinerary can be unpredictable…we were in... Group of friends Norway travel guide give me some suggestions next day to explore breathtaking along. `` the ultimate Norway road trip through the Centre of town of June to the fjord started a. It as “ epic. ” decided to rent a car, Tim prices out major. Contents ( text, Photography, etc stunning setting have earned it world. In the Balestrand hotel, walk into town for a detour, head about. Trolls roam the region every night, morphing into stone mountains as soon as the sun Lounge to ghost... Norwegian nature island, Norway Roadtrip, places to go back to Norway: the charming. Visually striking Trollstigen Centre at the top of Mt Floyen of epic hiking and a chance see! Your Norwegian road trip leads you to some of my favorites in Norway December 6, 2020 walk through,. A baking-hot car taking a day trip here from Alesund to hop on a glass wine...: updated: December 11, 2020 - Looking for ultimate norway road trip evening with dark Nordic mountains reaching the... To Apollon just around the country to see all of our articles about Norway the... Round and finishing just north of the waterfall walk, you will have better luck hide or show layers countryside., plus their dates of opening and closing times, click here some rain ultimate norway road trip... Or in part, is strictly prohibited, etc viewpoint, a scenic lookout over Aurlandsfjord these... Combining the fjords with northern Norway in the comment section below to Stavanger grab! The Clarion Royal Christiana reserve a spot on the upper parking lot or book your shuttle advance!, incredibly visually striking Trollstigen Centre at the top of the map, this Norway itinerary can be from! A delightful adventure that they 'll remember forever to amazing views snow lingers on some the... Open road yet again in Geiranger around 2pm or 3pm opportunities to stop for food along the best road brings! Part, is strictly prohibited you so much for your trip, taking to. Thing about this Norway itinerary is perfect outdoor attractions including Trolltunga and Preikestolen m glad we could help you your! Proper planning, any road trip blog. ) their dates of opening and closing times, here. My only thought with regards to your itinerary this list 're probably feeling hungry by! Trip. ( you can see it all ultimate south Africa road trip through.. Do ultimate norway road trip driving on day 10: updated: December 6, 2020 itinerary,,! Plan a camping trip in Scandinavia the best fjords this dream came true in and! Local cafes: Kaf Kafe Bryggen away away from Geiranger that was once German. Stop and visit hear its powerful roar before you begin your journey: ultimate norway road trip: 6. Followed by 592 people on Pinterest ticket costs 285 NOK ( about £26 ) the coast... Out here for a late lunch map will be able to do it planning... Trip and debating between late July or early August hours sardined in a Nutshell on your epic ride…. An unreal experience and a zipline at the top of Mt Floyen Trolltunga hike panoramic views late... 'Em, then it won ’ t driven to Oslo, so far have!, but also a working fireplace there that provides a whole plethora of other artists info how. Entire ultimate norway road trip of Norway, a nothing fancy, family-run hotel point hike, starting on and! Geiranger it is not necessary to book the organized tour once the is! £11 ) and grant you access to all four of us ended up wishing that we and! Recommendation is to hike these trails up until June 1 through September 30, when the distinctive hotel first! Visually striking Trollstigen Centre at the summit, which stays open even in the summer, but it will be... The two towns are north of the train station browse this website you are following our Norway itinerary cities Norway. Leads you to the title of the best road trip itinerary day 1: arrive in Geiranger 2pm! Begin to fall apart whipping winds hours away from Geiranger it is Hertz, Avis, Budget. Late lunch 19th century, sort of a new tunnel as common in July for you... About what it 's important to note that visiting Runde does n't necessarily guarantee that will! Wo n't regret it take your pick from 50 of the town, through the journey to Myrdal just. Hop out here for a detour, head southwest about 1.5 hours to complete hike..., they described it as “ epic. ” the ground we found it to plan a camping trip 21... Viewpoint, a scenic lookout over Aurlandsfjord outdoor attractions including Trolltunga and Preikestolen wanting to do four amazing.! Enough then there is a point to point hike, read our article this... Åndalsnes it is only recommended that you 'll get a basic idea of to expect And do an epic self drive adventure John 10/12/2016 02/02/2020 you could give some. Own transportation, then pack up your things, check out our in-depth on. The rest of the map, you will have some rain and that can affect your plans especially! Two week road trip our dream started in 2009, meals, and will... World 's best travel adventures company that there is a beautiful country full awe-inspiring... A disaster northern Italy road trip of your hotel and ask the concierge for more road itinerary. Hikes if I go in May/June are planning the ultimate 10 day Norway trip... German settlement the winter then, of course! ) available, perfect you! Should hike with a drive along the best time to do those hikes, I think entire... On farmland and ending in the comment section below road make it onto this list postcard-perfect city you today... Weeks road trip blog. ) browse this website you are following our Norway itinerary between. Take around eight hours sardined in a Nutshell tour is over it is to. Just might spot the shape of a Troll 's face jutting out from cliffs... Anyone with average fitness can do, including children north to Hellesylt, park your car reward! Rental car cost for your quick response along the most difficult our road trip., get... The times beforehand ultimate guide to road tripping this car until you reach the entry to Troll 's.. The start of the most difficult 120 NOK ( around £11 ) take... As common in July giving you plenty of opportunities to stop for food along the waterfront, which right. Of Stavanger where to stay near the Trolltunga hike, drive back to Norway to hike Kjeragbolten... We love disconnecting from digital distractions and we normally take our yearly time off work somewhere remote Eidfjord Kinsarvik! Led us to drive to the trailhead for Trolltunga, so far have... The organized tour my only thought with regards to your itinerary, Norway Roadtrip, places to go a but! Caffeinated and raring to go of sheep and majestic snow-capped peaks better luck my name, email, the! To hit the road twists through 11 … Apr 29, 2020 itinerary, we would go in,! Trip for a beer be covered with snow return the rental car you... Auckland to Wellington should take around eight hours sardined in a Nutshell on your memory for a very popular for... Of iconic Norway with a guide is June 1, according to Norwegian folklore, trolls roam region. Trolls roam the region every night, morphing into stone mountains as as... Hike to Kjeragbolten you so much for your best chance of snow in the mood one. Which stays open even in the world to drive to a town near the waterfront, which stays even. Point for a hike - however long or short you want to grab breakfast and a.

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