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DesignID team strongly believes in a well developed architectural design and the life experience which is offered to modern man. The whole architectural composition, successful use of materials and imaginative combination, confidently lead to an attractive and functional life scenario which is a life inspiration for modern man.

Architectural office

DESIGNID is a continuation of the architectural office that was founded in 1987 and which has until today demonstrated a number of projects mainly in the private sector. In this long course, a multitude of studies, supervisions and construction of houses, business premises, apartment buildings and industrial buildings have been carried out. In addition to all this long-term presence and experience in the field of construction, DESIGND specializes in architectural and interior design.


  • Architectural study - supervision - construction
  • Building permit issuance
  • Interior design - Renovations 
  • Facades
  • Landscaping
  • Consulting services